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Gowan groupGowan Company is a member of the Gowan Group of companies. This is a family-owned group of companies with diversified worldwide interests in agriculture. Jon Jessen founded the company in 1963 and currently serves as Chairman while his daughter Juli Jessen is CEO. The Gowan Company headquarters are in Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A. 

The main business activities of the group include development, registration, marketing and sales of proprietary crop protection chemicals . Group turnover has surpassed $310 Million in 2008. 

Crop Protection activities continue to expand through both strong internal growth and strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Acquisitions & partnerships announced during last years include the recent purchase of Zoxamide global rights from Dow AgroScience. The international expansion of Gowan’s business was started in 1996, with the acquisition of the global rights to Phosmet insecticide. Since that time business activities have expanded to include the marketing of 7 proprietary crop protection active ingredients (Zoxamide, Phosmet, Fenzaquin, Dicloran, EPTC, Fenarimol, Triallate). Turnover outside of NAFTA will exceed US$40 Million in 2007. 

Europe has been the strongest region outside of NAFTA with considerable investment in regulatory and marketing efforts.