About us

Evolution of a business, of a brand, of a winning tradition!

Italian Company was established in 1947 as SARIAF.
Since 2000 the company has undergone innovation in:
In 2006, the merger with American company Gowan has generated Sariaf-Gowan Company with a consolidation and reinforcement of Company’s credibility and reliability.
At the end of 2008, due to the change of company structure, Sariaf Gowan has changed its name to Gowan Italia, reinforcing the already close working relationship with Gowan Group.

Today, Gowan Italia is seen as a qualified and reliable  partner for those customers who work in this  sector and appreciate the superior cost-benefit ratio offered by the company. Furthermore, the Company is a reliable and qualified partner with those AgChem Companies, who intend to develop own products or ais for Italian market.